welcome frequently asked questions
1. Why does WVSCTC want to rename the institution?
The success of this institution rests to a large extent on its ability to connect with potential new students and corporate partners to persuade them to choose us for learning and workforce development opportunities. Today’s potential customer is a savvy, Information Age consumer who responds to effective branding, good design and customized messaging. A new, compelling brand identity, aligned with the demographic tendencies of the target audience, enables our institution to be more successful in this regard. In short, the new name with its accompanying design elements, allows the CTC to cut through the clutter of our saturated information space, while resonating with our target audience.

A secondary point is differentiation. Our sister institution, West Virginia State University, is a fine organization with a strong, longstanding brand. Because of the similarity of the two names, confusion often occurs. Implementation of a new brand identity for the Community & Technical College is an effective means for eliminating any marketplace confusion regarding the two institutions.

2. What’s wrong with the existing name, West Virginia State Community and Technical College?
While there is nothing wrong with the existing name, in terms of accuracy or acceptability, it presents challenges from a brand-focused marketing perspective, as noted in Item #1 above. The existing name can be improved in terms of differentiation and audience alignment.

3. Are we just changing the name?
While this exciting project is focused on the search for a new name, that’s not the only thing that will be changing. Selecting a new name is a major first step in the development of a new brand identity for our Community & Technical College. Once this crucial step is complete, we will commence a design phase later this year. During that phase, we will work with a local marketing/design firm on development of a new color scheme, iconography and letterforms.

4. When will you start accepting suggestions?
This phase of the campaign is completed. If you'd like to vote on the final three options please click here.

5. Is this only open to students?
Students are encouraged to participate, and we can’t wait to see their suggested names. Likewise, we are also reaching out and inviting our stakeholder groups to get involved in this process. Faculty, staff and alumni of the CTC are also encouraged to get involved and submit their ideas, too—as are neighbors and business leaders from the nearby community and other friends and interested parties. No one will be excluded.

6. Are you looking for anything specifically?
There are no preconceived notions about this project or the new name. Any and all ideas are welcome. Naturally, the new name should be effective: unique, relevant, memorable, easy to spell and easy to pronounce. Those are the basics; beyond that, anything that’s in good taste will be considered.

7. When you hear the word ‘change,’ sometimes the inference is that things are not going well. Is the school in trouble?
No, not at all. The Community & Technical College, while newly independent, is in a good position. We are laying the foundation for a very successful future, and this is one small but important component in that process. Enrollment at the institution is up, programs are growing and funds have been earmarked for a new facility.

8. Do I win anything if my name is selected?
The winner will have pride and perhaps some bragging rights. Otherwise, this is not a prize contest.

9. Who will decide on the final name?
The Nominating Committee will oversee and manage the process. It will tabulate the suggestions and oversee the runoff election to choose a winner from among the top three entries. The Nominating Committee will then make its recommendation for the new name of the institution to the Board of Governors. The Community & Technical College’s Board of Governors has the authority to approve—or reject or amend—the committee’s recommendation.

10. How will the results be tabulated?
The Nominating Committee will tabulate results from the name submission phase with assistance from a local marketing/design firm. Tabulations will be made from names submitted online and those placed in campus ballot boxes.

11. When will the finalists be announced?
The final three names up for consideration will be announced during the week of March 2, 2009. Participants may vote for their favorite of the final three in a run-off election to be held March 12 -18 of this year.

12. Where can I cast my vote for the final name?
During election week (March 12-18, 2009), participants may vote online on the campaign or cast their votes into ballot boxes in designated voting sites in student common areas.

13. When will the final name be announced?
The new name will be announced shortly following the April 17 meeting of the Board of Governors.